Website translation

The power to reach clients, customers, colleagues, business partners even friends has never been greater in today’s global society, resulting from the evolution of the world wide web. Website owners across the globe can present and offer their products and services across countries and continents instantly.

Websites that cater only for single language or culture groups limit their success to reaching only a fraction of their potential clientele and market.

In today’s global society, people look to the web as their initial and primary source of information. CALD Group can offer expertise and assistance to companies and organisations wishing to capture a larger share of the market, or have a greater presence in the global and local domain.

Website owners seeking world-wide exposure should consider the inclusion of professionally translated material into their websites content to maximize their assets. Achieving quality website localization can only be done by engaging the services of a professional translation company, such as CALD Group, that works exclusively with professional human translators. Too many websites have failed in their localization process because of their decision to rely solely on computer generated translation tools. For many, the damage is irreparable.

The term ‘localization’ is the cultural translation and adaptation of a product or service from one language to another to ensure that it is completely consistent with the specific social, cultural and legal requirements of a target market. Localization can help you get past the language and culture barriers to reach your target audience.

The localization process goes beyond translation to address the use of language and cultural nuances such as notational conventions and differences in symbols, colour associations, formalities of language, images and cultural norms. The document must harmonise with local standards and practices to ensure its acceptance and validity. Localization issues can arise even in countries with a common language due to differing cultural norms. In English speaking countries such as the UK, US, Canada and Australia, subtle differences in culture and language can make it vitally important to consider localization.

Our professional website translation service offers clients variable solutions to meet their website localization needs, incorporating technical constraints of their website technology, client profiles, accessibility, budgets, including target languages and cultural norms.

Our team is ready to address all your website translation needs, from small bilingual websites to large multilingual websites.


“Our website localization service will bridge the language and cultural barriers between you and your global clientele”.