CALD Marketing & Ethnic Media

At CALD Group we understand the challenges of doing business in a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) setting, both locally and globally.

Our clients understand their business and have expertise in marketing their services and products to the mainstream sector, our expertise lies within the CALD sector. We assist our clients to reach out to customers and clients from over 200 different cultural backgrounds, speaking over 120 languages and dialects.

With over 43.6% of the Victorian population born overseas, or have at least one parent born overseas, monolingual marketing is costing companies the opportunity to win customers and clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

CALD Group can assist you to strategically position and market your products and services to the whole of the Australian population, and gain greater exposure to international markets.

  • CALD inclusive marketing campaigns
  • Ethnic media marketing mix
  • Voice talent

CALD inclusive marketing campaigns

Companies who rely exclusively on monolingual marketing are missing out on the opportunity to interact with over three million Australians who don’t speak English in their homes.

CALD Group can assist clients to reach out to customers and community members more effectively through our qualitative CALD community mapping system. Whether you want to market new products and services or improve existing ones, we can assist you to ensure that your marketing campaigns are inclusive and have the scope to reach the forgotten three million Australians.

  • Partnering with CALD Group we can assist your marketing specialists to:
  • Develop appropriate CALD communications & public relations strategies;
  • Select appropriate CALD audiences;
  • Assist you to incorporate the CALD factor in mainstream advertising campaigns;
  • Translate and present your marketing material (press, audio & visual) in over 120 languages;
  • Coordinate your ethnic media space across a range of ethnic media outlets;

CALD Group provides pre-campaign research, media planning, and post-campaign evaluation of deliverables and outcomes. We assist our clients to define the aims and desired outcomes of the CALD component of their campaign, thus selecting the best media mix and tailoring our strategies around the campaign brief.

At CALD Group, we think, create and deliver innovative multicultural marketing ideas, ensuring your campaign is a success with all Australians.

Ethnic media marketing mix

With nearly one in four Australians born overseas, ethnic media play a unique and important role in capturing information, viewpoints and opportunities within the growing multicultural community of Australia.

Australia has an abundance of high quality ethnic media outlets, from print, radio to television connecting with over 25% of the Australian population. Ethnic media has become a significant tool for multicultural marketing, attracting a large audience and are a highly effective advertising medium.

Whilst CALD communities are not excluded from engaging fully with Australian society, it is through ethnic media that advertisers can connect emotionally with Australians from a non-English speaking background. This is the media environment where your message resonates most significantly with its audience.

Ethnic media choices are extensive. CALD Group can assist you to make the right choices based on industry knowledge, expertise and current information.

The ethnic media range includes:

  • Ethnic radio stations – over 160 broadcasting across Australia
  • Ethnic newspapers – over 200 publications currently in print
  • Ethnic television: Cable, satellite and community based free to air
  • CALD websites

Our ethnic media experts will guide you through a myriad of available ethnic media choices to ensure that the ethnic media mix you select is reflective of your campaign and marketing needs.

Voice talent

At CALD Group, we provide a panel of professional voice talent in over 80 languages and dialects, all speaking in their native language.

Our panel of voice experts have significant experience in recording for radio; television; recording narrations; promotional corporate videos; documentaries; commercials; straight audio recordings; re-voiced soundtracks for video, pre-recorded telephone messages and audio components for on-line applications.

Based on your brief we will deliver the perfect voice match to meet your requirements: target language, gender, age group, style, pitch, voice tones, encapsulated in cultural and linguistic norms.

Our voice talent will ensure a natural, accurate, and professional voice recording to meet your requirements.