International Business Development

At CALD Group we know that international business success requires more business acumen than managing a domestic enterprise. You not only deal with traditional business functions and values, but also must understand and work from a global perspective.

In order to operate and survive in the international field, a mutual understanding of and insight into the cultural mindsets, reasoning, motivation and logic of the nationalities involved is crucial. All too often approaches that are accepted in one’s “home” culture do not have the desired effect, or are received with surprise, irritation or incomprehension by another nationality. By creating recognition of these cultural differences an organization can considerably increase it’s efficiency and effectiveness.

CALD Group has expertise in the global business culture. We provide our clients with a competitive edge by arming them with knowledge and resources to successfully work with people and companies from diverse cultural backgrounds, worldwide. We provide both training and consultancy in the field of culture and international business relations designed to increase the effectiveness of anyone dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds.

CALD Group offers a range of services to assist businesses, companies, government entities, and individuals wishing to enter the international business arena, or gaining a better understanding of the critical importance of working in and with other cultures around the world.