Our Team

The CALD Group business philosophy is built on the knowledge, dedication and professionalism of our team. We believe that our people are our greatest asset. Our business is built on the expertise of our team, both in-house and partnering contractors.

CALD GROUP is led by Senada Softic, Director (ex-CEO, VITS LanguageLink), and supported by a number of highly specialised Consultants who partner with her to deliver specific projects. Our team includes language experts, academic linguists, accredited translators and interpreters, professional trainers, bilingual and bicultural consultants, researchers, multilingual desktop publishers and experts in ethnic media communications.

The CALD Group Team

  • Dedicated administrative team maintaining high levels of office efficiency
  • Panel of over 800 contract translators and interpreters covering 120 languages;
  • Panel of academic linguist in 32 languages;
  • Panel of bi-lingual and bi-cultural consultants in over 50 languages;
  • Team of professional trainers;
  • Panel of bilingual examiners in 43 languages;
  • Panel of partnering project consultants and researchers in various field of expertise;
  • Ethnic media communication experts;
  • and, partnering company for multilingual desktop publishing and layout design service.
Senada Softic - Telalovic

Senada Softic, Director

Senada Softic is eminently qualified to consult on all aspects of language services: interpreting, translating and cross-cultural communication. For over 17 years, she held the position of CEO of VITS LanguageLink, leaving the company in 2009 to pursue a personal dream of establishing her own specialist language service. With this aim in mind, Senada has drawn together a group of like-minded business and language specialists under the umbrella of the CALD Group.

Senada is highly regarded in the language services industry, as a passionate advocate and policy strategist for CALD communities. Establishing the CALD Group marks the start of her new mission to explore the many untouched opportunities in language services waiting to be further developed into niche markets catering to the diverse needs of cross-cultural communication in Australia.
Senada is a qualified NAATI Interpreter/Translator with a BA degree in Interpreting & Translating, and for over a decade held the positions of Chairperson of the NAATI Examiner Panel, Lecturer in interpreting at RMIT University and has written and presented extensively on language services in Australia.

Senada has been recognised by government, community and business for her professional and community work.

She was awarded the Telstra 2000 Business Woman of the Year Victoria (Shell Corporate & Government Sector) and in 2003 the Australian Centenary Medal Queen Elizabeth II, for “Business achievement, inspirational leadership and vision”. In 2010 Senada was named an Ambassador of the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina.

For Senada success has been a journey and not a destination. Her leadership skills are built on her passion and commitment, she leads by example and inspires others to follow.

Translation Project Managers

Our translation project management team is among the best in the industry. With a proven track record in the delivery of high quality translations, they bring with them hands-on translation experience from both the public and private sector.

Based on the specifications of each translation campaign/project, CALD Group senior management selects the most appropriate Translation Project Manager based on their field of expertise for each project. Working closely with clients, translators and consulting experts, they ensure all translation campaigns/projects are managed with the utmost confidence, meet predefined key performance indicators, milestones and facilitate the effective completion and delivery of all jobs.

Cross-Cultural Trainers

Our team of cross-cultural trainers are among the best in the industry. Areas of specialisation include the development of cultural competence and Intelligence in people, teams and organisations; cross-cultural communication and the employment of language tools and resources; intercultural management; effective use of bi-lingual and bi-cultural skills; working with professional interpreters; multicultural market place business skills, and preparing text for translations.

Our Training Team Leader has over twenty years experience in the cross-cultural training sector, combined with our consulting trainers, our combined knowledge of cultures, intercultural communication, cross-cultural dynamics and cultural competence skills, together with our personal expertise and experience, enable us to develop tailored programs for our clients; addressing their training needs on a one-to-one basis.