About Cald Group

CALD Group is backed with over 30 years experience in the development, provision and advancement of excellence in the language services industry.

Our team includes high profile language experts, academic linguists, accredited translators and interpreters, professional trainers, bilingual and bi-cultural consultants, researchers, multilingual desktop publishers and experts in ethnic media communications.

The CALD Group business model is based on providing high quality language based products and services reflective of Australia’s rich bi-lingual and bi-cultural resources.

We specialise in developing niche language based products and services to meet our clients individual needs. We do not subscribe to the theory that one shoe fits all.

At CALD Group we treat each and every client as an individual business entity. We listen, document, evaluate and create niche services and products around their needs, aims and objectives, working in partnership with our clients to achieve their desired outcomes, performance and results.

CALD Group provides high quality tailored services at attractive competitive rates, incorporating professionalism, exemplary customer care, flexibility, and sharing of knowledge and resources with our clients to achieve the ultimate results.