At CALD Group we provide a range of specialist language related services as well as business and organisation services specifically focused on effective inclusion of our bi-lingual and bi-cultural resources.

Among the specialist areas of service delivery, our personalised services include linguistically and culturally appropriate translation service for targeted campaigns; intensive cross-cultural training programs (on or off site); focus testing of services and products amongst the culturally and linguistically diverse community; specialist bi-lingual and bi-cultural employment brokerage; testing language proficiency of bi-lingual staff; and analysis of an organisation’s current and future language service needs and the effective deployment of language resources.

With today’s global interconnectivity, communicating across languages and cultures occurs at all levels, from community based programs and services, to international trade and diplomatic missions. The need to be understood, both linguistically and culturally has become of paramount importance for all.

Whether you are delivering services locally to a culturally and linguistically diverse clientele, or you are conducting business globally, partnering with CALD Group will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your communication needs in whatever format, in whatever language, will be managed professionally by us.