Foreign language transcription service

The process of transcription involves creating a written record of the spoken word, regardless what language the same is spoken in. Depending on the requirements of our clients, providing a transcription of an audio/video in a different language can either be done as a single monolingual transcription (in the primary language) or as a bilingual transcription, incorporating the transcription in the primary language and a translation of the same in a selected language or languages.

We undertake foreign language transcription in a variety of fields, including:

  • Police record of interviews
  • Telephone incepts
  • Meetings of all forms
  • Business related transcriptions (meetings, conferences, seminars)
  • Market research interviews or discussions
  • Focus group interviews
  • Radio interviews or segments
  • Television interviews
  • Speeches
  • Court hearings
  • Legal transcriptions
  • Medical transcription services

For clients who do not require a full transcript of the audio/video recording, our high quality linguists will provide a summary report of the key issues contained or a summary translation of the same.

Audio to Audio service

CALD Group provides an audio to audio direct interpreting service, designed to save our clients both time and money. The service entails the interpreter listening to the original audio and providing a direct audio interpretation of the same onto an audio recording facility.

This process removes the requirement for a full, written transcript of the audio/video recording followed by a full, written translation process – therefore the process is quick and highly cost effective – up to 70% less.