CALD Group provides specialist consulting services in a range of sectors, inclusive of the CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) factor.

Our consulting associates have successfully completed numerous projects and have worked with both public and private sector organisations; Federal, State and Local Government authorities; and small to medium size business enterprises.

In partnership with our consulting associates, our field of expertise includes:

  • Providing relevant services to CALD communities
  • Conducting CALD focus group sessions
  • Ethnic media and CALD media campaigns
  • Evaluation/analysis of effective use of language services
  • Development of data collection and benchmarking systems for programs
  • Service audits inclusive of CALD component
  • Strategic planning for small to medium businesses
  • Development of business plans for small to medium enterprises
  • Strategic planning for NGO’s
  • Social and business research
  • Tendering and preparing submissions for grants (for NGO’s)
  • Facilitation and engagement of key stakeholders
  • Project evaluation and business case development
  • Organisational reviews
  • Conducting focus groups, forums, and consultative workshops
  • Designing and conducting a broad range of research topics
Our consulting associates have successfully completed numerous projects,
both small and large in a diverse range of sectors, including:
Aged Care
Allied Health
Acute Health
CALD community
Children’s Services
Community Development
Disability Services
Domestic violence
Drug and Alcohol
Family Support
Government – all levels
Housing & Tenancy
Human rights
Immigration & refugees
Justice & legal sector
Language Services
Mental Health
NGO sector
Recreation and sport
Welfare sector

In virtue of our professional status and experience, and in virtue of our carefully designed suite of services, we are in the position to deliver on our promise to provide our clients with the level of expertise to meet their needs, achieve the desired results and assist them to continue to move forward with confidence.