Foreign language subtitles

CALD Group partners with a global network of state-of-the-art dubbing and post production facilities whose purpose is to provide comprehensive foreign language dubbing and subtitling services to producers and distributors of live action and animated theatrical television, home video and interactive products.

We provide localized foreign language dubbing and subtitling in more than 40 languages in partnership with technical dubbing expertise who are highly experienced with international technical standards and specific requirements.

The process of subtitling involves preparing the timed/spotted script, rendering a culturally and linguistically targeted translation and encoding the subtitles to either DVD-ready files or to a master video.

With the engagement of our skilled editors and experienced translators, we are able to prepare your production for a variety of markets.

Our highly skilled project managers manage every step of your project while alleviating your concerns over language barriers. We customize each project to your target audience in your target language and ensure excellent quality at competitive rates.