Cultural competence is no longer viewed as an optional skill in any organisation. With globalisation on the rise, cross-cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication are key factors in successfully managing, developing and servicing a diverse clientele, both within the public and private sector.

In Australia, with over 25% of the population born overseas, the ability to communicate effectively with people of diverse cultural backgrounds is essential. Communication always presents challenges, but communicating with people who are from other cultures, and/or have limited English proficiency provides additional challenges for all involved.

Companies and organisations have a range of insurances to protect the organisation, management, staff and their clients against all forms of risks, and yet many overlook the “cultural and linguistic” risk that could have a significant impact on their business/service.

Cultural and linguistic risks are critical components that need to be included in any risk assessment, planning process and professional staff development programs, to ensure a safe and risk free environment.

CALD Group provides tailored training programs to address specific needs of organisations, as well as a comprehensive training calendar offering a diverse range of training programs designed to assist participants working with a culturally diverse client base.

Please contact us on 03 9687 5991 for a “free assessment” of your organisations training needs, or register to attend one or more of the training sessions offered in our training catalogue.