Tailored in-house training

CALD Group provides tailored training programs, presented on-site and tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Our tailored in-house training programs can assist your organisation to better prepare, manage and provide services to a culturally and linguistically diverse clientele.

CALD Group provides a “free assessment” of your organisation’s training needs, enabling us to tailor a training program to address the specific issues identified.

In-house training programs include:

  • General cultural competence;
  • Cultural competence for Managers;
  • Cross-cultural awareness – specific groups;
  • Cross-cultural communication;
  • Cross-cultural communication for frontline staff;
  • Cross-cultural communication for call centre staff;
  • Working with interpreters – on-site & telephone;
  • Effective use of language services;
  • Lost in Translation: What/How/Why translate;
  • Cultural assumptions: “Seen One, Seen ’em All”;
  • How to conduct CALD focus group testing;
  • Effective use of in-house bilingual skills;
  • Managing negative “cultural” behaviour and perceived racist attitudes in the workplace;
  • How to work with emerging communities;
  • Providing aged care services to the CALD community;


  • A combined program incorporating several topics

Our highly skilled and experienced trainers will assist your staff and organisation to achieve the desired outcomes.

Our training sessions are tailored to reflect your industry, work environment and service delivery model. The programs are designed to achieve maximum group participation, incorporating focused discussions, case studies and enjoyable role plays. All scenarios, case studies and role plays are tailored to match your industry, service environment and incorporate identified issues of concern (if any) to the organisation.